New Leadership to transform East Cleveland's Ward 2
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"I come from a typical working family.  My father was a bus driver and my mother was an educator. They both worked hard to provide a good home and education for their children.  As the oldest of three, and the sibling of a special needs child, I developed leadership skills and compassion at an early age that has always compelled me to protect and fight for those who are not able to fight for themselves . I have been involved with community service projects and advocacy for over five years. Using the experience I gained as field organizer and community advocate, I have the knowledge and experience to find solutions and get things done. With your support I will continue to bring these same skills to East Cleveland City Council and fight to achieve and maintain an improved quality of life for ALL Ward 2 residents."
🟊 Education 🟊

I am  committed to working with the East Cleveland School District to bring resources and programs into the city that are aimed at giving our children a competitive academic advantage.   To work with local non-profit organizations to ensure that our children have access to extra-curricular programs and activities that will enhance their chances of success and encourage youth employment.

🟊 Diversity 🟊

I encourage diversity and welcome residents from all walks of life but I strongly encourage and strive to maintain the cultural presence that is representative of the residents and community of East Cleveland. It is vital that no matter what future changes the city undergoes, we East Cleveland residents must always maintain our sense of self and cultural pride.​ 

🟊 Commerce & Development 🟊 

I will work provide economic opportunity to East Cleveland residents and small business owners by supporting East Cleveland entrepreneurship and developing programs that will attract small boutique businesses to our city.

  🟊 Fire & Safety 🟊 

I will work to provide our fire and police departments the resources it needs to recruit, hire and retain top quality officers and staff and to ensure that the city has adequate staff to meet the needs of the residents.  While serving on council, I will work to provide funding to purchase quality equipment that will enhance the effectiveness of these two departments. I will also work with our legal department to draft legislation that will help to deter drug and violent traffic out of our city.

🟊 Housing 🟊

I will work to make sure there is safe affordable housing available to all East Cleveland residents. I will work with local government agencies to ensure that all houses that are able to be rehabbed to it original value are restored and the houses that are beyond repair are demolished.  My goal is to remove unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for surrounding neighbors and the community and keep blight to a minimum within the ward.  I will also promote responsible housing development that will hold developers and contractors accountable for preserving the land and property value of the community. 

🟊 Services 🟊

As an East Cleveland resident and former employee of the Service Department, I understand the frustration of both the resident and the Service Department staff.  I am dedicated to ensuring the Service Department has the resources and equipment needed to provide East Cleveland residents with the services they deserve in a timely and efficient way.

🟊 Environment 🟊

I encourage partnerships and programs that will help our city create a clean air, green infrastructure that will provide our residents with alternative energy options that will allow the city to become self- sustaining and independent of costly energy providers.  I will also work to promote the protection of our city's forestry and wildlife to  maintain a healthy eco-system that will preserve wooded areas helping to reduce rodent infestation in residential areas. 


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