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I am the Interim Councilor sitting on the East Cleveland City Council representing Ward 2. With your support I will to continue to represent the residents on key topics that are important to them, as well as working to advance our city.  As your Councilor, my goal is to offer perspectives, from both the past leaders who have helped to build this great city, and the next generation who will inherit the future of East Cleveland. In doing this, we can leverage the power of experience and fresh ideas to optimize East Cleveland’s potential.


I am a passionate and dedicated servant who stands and fights for old-fashioned community ethics that puts the residents first. I’m proud to say, serving on council has enabled me to make certain that the voices of all Ward 2 residents are heard. I would like to continue the momentum that has been generated and continue serve another four years. If elected in November, I will continue to do everything in my power to represent the residents of ward 2 effectively and with a commitment to the city’s future.


East Cleveland is a city facing seemingly insurmountable odds.  Although our goals seem impossible to achieve, I believe that the best strategy to beat impossible odds is not to surrender but to try harder — this is why I am the right choice for East Cleveland City Council. As your Councilor I will always fight for  the right side of every issue and stand up for the residents instead of selling out to corporate interests or compromising my basic principles.


I am honored to have been appointed to city Council and would like to thank residents for their support and confidence in me while serving.  I will continue my service and strive to have the greatest possible impact on city council as an advocate for your rights. I will always champion issues that affect each resident of ward 2.  I believe that as East Cleveland residents, we must respect and protect each other as we continue to strengthen our city. It is time to show the world that the City of East Cleveland is city that adds value to Cuyahoga county and we deserve fair treatment and an improved quality of life.  We deserve a place to call our own. There is still a lot to do over the next four years and I wish to continue to serve you.


Thank you for your time and support.



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